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The weirdest smile of the season.

2012 12 29 02 40 24

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Eri met us up. Spotted Johan Renck in the Acnes store nearby too, which was funny, as I spotted him in LA last time in the US.

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Moe’s. Supposed to be the finer choice in fast food Mexican, which it definitly was, but I still prefered that old Tacobell.

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One for the road. Only had/have something this properly greased up once in a blue moon. Behind it: a blue moon.

2013 01 01 11 16 44

Very defined cloud, with a very defined shadow, just outside the airplanewindow.
Becky on the other hand saw none of this. She was knocked out by prescription drugs for the whole duration of the flight. And then some.

2012 12 24 11 22 48

One of ny wishes for christmas; one very common yet rarely fulfilled wish year round actually; is carrot juice. 
Or to be more precise: carrot juice made out of just carrot.

In Japan I’ve never, ever, EVER come across just carrot juice.
They always have to sneak in Lemon, or any other vegetable, plus a cocktail of preservatives.

So it was with glee Becky found this one for me on the near opposite side of the globe right on baby jesuses birthday eve.

Good-, nay, great things do come to those who wait. And I waited for this bike for almost 2 years.

2012 11 04 13 56 33


Written about on this blog, on my birthday, last year but wanted ever since its launch in 2010.

A very sought after bike, sporting everything I’d want in one (after some minor additions to it). It is a thing of joy.

2012 11 04 15 01 03

All I need now is some bike garment wear that allows me to plow through the city in this increasingly harsher weather: I shall be  biking. I especially like biking at midnight, btw. I’ve all of Tokyo for myself, people are not in the way in, say, the stairs. Add to that sudden smaller epiphanies when the whole city shows a side not that many get to see.

Since it cost a minor fortune, what with the animal tail illustrations on the shocks plus the word “pro” in the model name and all, I couldn’t help but to feel slightly guilty for getting something this fancy for myself. So I got Becky a bike too:

2012 11 04 13 55 42

Photo 0140

2012 05 11 12 13 29

One of the forgotten perks working at a company, oppose to for oneself; lunch-pizzas coming in more than 1 flavor


Printed on canvas


So my sister asked for something exotic for her birthday. Like me she has two middle names. But unlike me her initials spells something.


All colorful and such.


This is my design of the previously mentioned tattoo. I call it “The Gang” for now.

To get the oil painting kind of feel I have to turn to my absolut favorite inkist, Amanda Wachob. But she is booked years in advance. Have to turn to a Japanese lady instead.

The Gang is made up of animals that each have more or less significance to my life. For instance one of the birds are the kind that congregated on my dads balcony (and now a ceramic mold of it adorn his grave). The actual meaning, the transformation that tattoos are to represent, isn’t in the motif but is the tattoo itself. There is also a third point in getting this tattoo. I’ll share that one later.

HARO Porter blue

Being in the 30ies shouldn’t stop me (or anyone) from living as I please. Are we all too afraid to jeoparize our ability to get by in life by some made up social norms that we stop letting ourselves do what we like in fear of seclusion, or is it that we’re thought to act our age and deny ourselves pleasures on some undefined set of rules of what kind of joy is acceptable and deemed normal by year of life spent?

Whichever of the two: screw that. I’ve spent my 20ies pleasing work contacts and have denied myself more fun than I should have in the name of a supposed career. If I can regret that right now I don’t want to know what it would be like regretting a life deprived of joy. I’m choosing to be true to myself over furthering a career, and I’m marking this decision with a tattoo (probably works great as a reminder in the morning).


Btw the bike up there is not entirely related to this blabber. It’s a Porter made by Haro that I’m thinking of getting despite it being priced about as high as a used car. It’s tiny (people will stare. Screw em as briefly mentioned), very maneuverable and goes not just down- but actually up stairs as well. Perfect for after work Tokyo inner-city madness fun nights.


Some wishes do come true.


In case family members or close enough friends are reading this, here’s a list of things under or around 25$ (with one exception) that I’d wish for my birthday. In no particular order.

1. Vertical Rugby Stripe Beach TowelLink
2. Sunglasses – Prada PR02MS This is that one exception
3. Tigerprinted sweater, preferably in grayLink
4. Vittorio Martini’s awesome pen in 2mm size. Or as a ballpenLink
5. Haunted HouseLink
6. Nocs earphones NS200Link



Enjoying a post-fireworks beer with Kitty

Golfers eh

A practice swing and a miss (intended)

Nagano 2

Nagano 1

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