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Fredde plays banana style, and it works great2013 08 13 12 17 212013 08 13 12 18 192013 08 13 12 27 01

Awfully familiar …


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Algo gave me wood. His wood.

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They say Kiki flew under this bridge using her broom.

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The Swede enthusiasts were, as always, naturally the most happy about Sweden. Which goes to prove that they have a long way to go before they turn real Swedish and disapprove of most enthusiasm shown towards the country.

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Kicking it off old-school.

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It’s like he has something to hide.

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Becky pulled of this shot -an artistic impression of a Swedish Mickey Mouse. Lasse Aberg would be proud.

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This man told us that We Could Play The Vio-Vio-Violin…

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…clearly he overestimated our abilities.

2013 06 07 23 56 23Mixed feelings about Danish treats on the embassy compound / parking lot and makeshift “fun area”. Where yes…

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… Volvo was sponsoring with a merry-go-round. Because Volvo is synonym for safety, and that thing looks safe.

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Noticibly happy Swedes

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One scared- & one genuinly scary face

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Becky doing the robot / サラリーマン

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Visited grandma & dadIMAG0533

Installed a showerIMAG0534

Saw wood

Wf28 wiggle

Saw double rainbow


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IMG 3325

Daily random leftover from Sweden.

IMG 0891
Random pics from Sweden, starting with the above risotto I had to Swedify with a pre-spiced string of bbq meat. Cooked in a frying pan.
That piece of meat is a staple of the Swedish summer. Gross but then again also nice.

IMG 0893
Messing up my sisters apartment
IMG 0895IMG 0906
Think I snapped this guy before, in his earlier days, when he had better skin.
IMG 1116
It’s funny how the wind, or excessive eating, makes you look like a meatball on sticks
IMG 1083
You can’t tell from that innocent look of mine, but you can tell by looking at Matthias, that we’re almost drunk out of our minds. Later this eve I, for the first time in a very long time, get drunk enough to loose it. [shut up Alex, it was so last year]. I get helped (dragged) home by friends who enters my sisters place to dump my sorry excuse of a carcass there, scaring the life out of her in the process. What a night. 
IMG 1035
Newfound love – chainsaws 
IMG 1151IMG 1143IMG 1142IMG 1160IMG 1168
Still haven’t figured out why and how my head is moving this fast

IMG 0883

Random goodies for my own reminiscing enjoyment. Enjoy it, me.

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IMG 0963IMG 0964IMG 0969IMG 0991

IMG 0988IMG 0990

IMG 0993
I always dork it up with Stella. 
Can’t you hear me yella?!
You’re puttin’ me through hella!

Major points if you know/knew that without the use of google.
IMG 1003
It’s good when balls have an arrow on them, to show which direction they are suppose to go
IMG 1006IMG 1010

IMG 3351

Took off at night to capture the trash madness that is the Scandic booze cruises. Regular trash people doing regular trash people things. Moms with kids in tow shaking (or at least rocking) her body back and forth way past midnight with the sole purpose of impressing the right one who, may or may not be there this weekday morning.

IMG 3352

Later I met the gay guy again, the dude from the entry below (post below) who once again tells me he’d just swallow. It seems he finally got why I (and no one else) slightly giggled about the cigar talk. He’s very excited about this now gotten funny joke and wants to try it out on other people too. Thus the trash circle has transpired genders and sexuality, and I’m all happy.

IMG 0908
IMG 0909
Thanks random lady that took the photo, for letting us now when you’d snap.

IMG 0913IMG 0915
I have a 100 yen glasses theme going

IMG 0922
A fake beach complete with chlorine, no sand and lots of fake but deadly rays. I’m missing a fizzy Maitie.

IMG 0925IMG 0929IMG 0938
The ocean turned from one shade of pretty to another.

IMG 0942
Gay guy in the cigar room, smoking a cigarette, gave me this unintentional freebie:
“I can’t smoke [those] I’d just swallow”. The thing is that that really was unintentional on his end. No one was moved. Not him, not my mom, not the trash “boys” and their gangs around the room. Not the old men, not the alco-moms, no one.
I love going on these trips.

IMG 0719
Shopping booze unlike a boss
IMG 0722IMG 0728IMG 0729IMG 0732IMG 0736

IMG 0762
The lazy approach to getting a glow going
IMG 0758
The world seen through a pair of 100 yen glasses
IMG 0754IMG 0767IMG 0778IMG 0780
All these happy people. Could only mean one thing. Fart jokes.
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IMG 0510
Yub nub

IMG 0464
While bbq it up with Jonas this dear fellow dropped by like in some Disney movie. Except Snow-white, Cinderella and random princes were all trash.

IMG 0461IMG 0458IMG 0452IMG 0447IMG 0439Grosse dude
The dude. Das Abiden.

IMG 3314

IMG 3223

Took 3 takes to get it right. People around me were real sports about it. Or drunk.