Good-, nay, great things do come to those who wait. And I waited for this bike for almost 2 years.

2012 11 04 13 56 33


Written about on this blog, on my birthday, last year but wanted ever since its launch in 2010.

A very sought after bike, sporting everything I’d want in one (after some minor additions to it). It is a thing of joy.

2012 11 04 15 01 03

All I need now is some bike garment wear that allows me to plow through the city in this increasingly harsher weather: I shall be  biking. I especially like biking at midnight, btw. I’ve all of Tokyo for myself, people are not in the way in, say, the stairs. Add to that sudden smaller epiphanies when the whole city shows a side not that many get to see.

Since it cost a minor fortune, what with the animal tail illustrations on the shocks plus the word “pro” in the model name and all, I couldn’t help but to feel slightly guilty for getting something this fancy for myself. So I got Becky a bike too:

2012 11 04 13 55 42