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Raf came to visit.

Caught eating ribs …

Illustrated by Ben J Adams:

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Looking for a lead designer. Mail me if you are one and speak Japanese.

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More DYI design work. Vertical/horizontal layout phone stand. Triangle cut aluminum with fitted padding.


Printed on canvas


So my sister asked for something exotic for her birthday. Like me she has two middle names. But unlike me her initials spells something.


All colorful and such.

Christmas golf


Part of art.


This is my design of the previously mentioned tattoo. I call it “The Gang” for now.

To get the oil painting kind of feel I have to turn to my absolut favorite inkist, Amanda Wachob. But she is booked years in advance. Have to turn to a Japanese lady instead.

The Gang is made up of animals that each have more or less significance to my life. For instance one of the birds are the kind that congregated on my dads balcony (and now a ceramic mold of it adorn his grave). The actual meaning, the transformation that tattoos are to represent, isn’t in the motif but is the tattoo itself. There is also a third point in getting this tattoo. I’ll share that one later.



I lived there? Pretty crazy, looking back.

Ghostbusting golf

Birthday golf

Explosive golf

Halloween golf

Grattis mamma