IMG 0908
IMG 0909
Thanks random lady that took the photo, for letting us now when you’d snap.

IMG 0913IMG 0915
I have a 100 yen glasses theme going

IMG 0922
A fake beach complete with chlorine, no sand and lots of fake but deadly rays. I’m missing a fizzy Maitie.

IMG 0925IMG 0929IMG 0938
The ocean turned from one shade of pretty to another.

IMG 0942
Gay guy in the cigar room, smoking a cigarette, gave me this unintentional freebie:
“I can’t smoke [those] I’d just swallow”. The thing is that that really was unintentional on his end. No one was moved. Not him, not my mom, not the trash “boys” and their gangs around the room. Not the old men, not the alco-moms, no one.
I love going on these trips.