IMG 0891
Random pics from Sweden, starting with the above risotto I had to Swedify with a pre-spiced string of bbq meat. Cooked in a frying pan.
That piece of meat is a staple of the Swedish summer. Gross but then again also nice.

IMG 0893
Messing up my sisters apartment
IMG 0895IMG 0906
Think I snapped this guy before, in his earlier days, when he had better skin.
IMG 1116
It’s funny how the wind, or excessive eating, makes you look like a meatball on sticks
IMG 1083
You can’t tell from that innocent look of mine, but you can tell by looking at Matthias, that we’re almost drunk out of our minds. Later this eve I, for the first time in a very long time, get drunk enough to loose it. [shut up Alex, it was so last year]. I get helped (dragged) home by friends who enters my sisters place to dump my sorry excuse of a carcass there, scaring the life out of her in the process. What a night. 
IMG 1035
Newfound love – chainsaws 
IMG 1151IMG 1143IMG 1142IMG 1160IMG 1168
Still haven’t figured out why and how my head is moving this fast