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2012 04 22 00 35 06

Turning into a familiar place - leconnaisseur

2012 04 21 16 42 11

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Some wishes do come true.



IMG 0719
Shopping booze unlike a boss
IMG 0722IMG 0728IMG 0729IMG 0732IMG 0736

IMG 0762
The lazy approach to getting a glow going
IMG 0758
The world seen through a pair of 100 yen glasses
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All these happy people. Could only mean one thing. Fart jokes.
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IMG 0510
Yub nub

IMG 0464
While bbq it up with Jonas this dear fellow dropped by like in some Disney movie. Except Snow-white, Cinderella and random princes were all trash.

IMG 0461IMG 0458IMG 0452IMG 0447IMG 0439Grosse dude
The dude. Das Abiden.

IMG 3178

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IMG 3209

He walks among us, and he eats burritos

IMG 3161

…verbally jabbing and poking friends in the ribs.

IMG 3225

I were stoked to find that Sweden has this proper late-night all fun place outside.
Tucked under a bridge leading into town the place had almost everything. Mario Bros projected unto the bridges pillars, fake facade houses (see pics) ping-pong tables, overpriced hot dogs and a couple of slack-areas full of Stockholm hipsters. A youth-center sort of place, first reminding me how out of place I was there – then assuring me I had every right to poke fun at these people the way I always do, perhaps even more than I usually do. This people was trash. Are trash. I love trash. But unlike regular trash, on say the booze-cruise boats of Scandinavia, these people didn’t consider themselves trash. Which just made matters more hilarious. Loved it.

IMG 3228IMG 3227IMG 3226

Golfers eh

A practice swing and a miss (intended)

Golfing with Alex and Andy

IMG 1756

Jag har en hemsida . nu

Taco Night 004 at Nakameguro