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Such a tasty breakfast each day. I’ve done nothing to the colors – the tomatoes DOES pop your retina if you stare right at those supersaturated things

IMG 0556IMG 0583
Poland is all win.

IMG 0638
Out to get fuel for our “commie night out”. “Sausages in one hand and vodka in the other” like in “the happy days”.

IMG 0637IMG 0641
The awesome result.
IMG 0620IMG 0615
Climbing up this watchtower got us the view in the pic below
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Love the lizard queen
IMG 0569IMG 0568IMG 0543
This honey-beer goodness makes me cry rainbows of joy, sends me into a shivering frenzy to later explode my brain with pure ecstasy leaving only but a shell of a man.
And it’s such a shame I only brought a few back.
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